Mountainview Ranch

The Value of Horse Sense

In this modern age of technology, mankind has the ability to communicate in more forms and at a faster rate of speed than the world has ever seen. In the workplace, at home in our personal lives, and via social media, we are in contact with others on an almost constant basis.

While advances in technology bring us an enhanced ability to maintain contact with others on a real-time basis, we are losing the interpersonal, one-on-one skills so desperately needed for successful communication.   We have lost boundaries: the ability to choose when and if we wish to communicate, what information we receive, and to what level or even the ability to begin or end a conversation at a time of our choosing.  It is the loss of these simple but vital communication skills that have caused the tragic disconnect in today’s society that so adversely impacts successful relationships based on mutual trust and respect.  In a healthy environment, we can have open, honest, meaningful conversations and build the foundation for reciprocal and fulfilling relationships.

Horse Sense for Leaders is a dynamic, interactive forum designed to stimulate a new viewpoint on forming, building, and maintaining functional relationships.  Our format encourages participants to stop and look at the relationship between a human and a horse, and how Louis and his equine constituent, who in most cases have never met and don’t even speak the same language, so rapidly begin to find ways to understand and communicate effectively and thus create a willing partnership in a short period of time.  Louis involves the horse owner in this process, and demonstrates how even someone without his vast knowledge can experience success through improved communication skills.

Throughout the program, Louis discusses his philosophy and techniques while he works with the horse and owner.  He and his co facilitator encourage questions, thoughts and ideas from the participants, highlighting key points and ideas relating to human relationship.  Following the demonstration, participants are guided in exercises through which they practice ways to actively implement these ideas in relationships in the workplace and beyond.

Repeated feedback tells us that the power of this program remains with the participants for years to come, and it is often described as the single best leadership program many have ever attended.  Additionally, participants report that the shared experience of this program has helped them to share a common language that becomes part of workplace interactions.​