Mountainview Ranch

Louis Wood

​​Louis Wood is owner of Mountainview Ranch, LLC. He grew up in the culture of his families’ horse and cattle operation in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and at a very early age became fascinated with observing his grandfather “break” horses for their own operation as well as for others. The excitement of this process was always fascinating to him, and as he began to assist in the development of these young horses, he quickly began to realize that there might be a better method than trying to break a horse’s spirit into submission, and began to explore some new methodology in his approach. Throughout his lifelong search, he has gained tremendous insight into the relationship between horse and rider. His unique approach to horsemanship involves working with both the horse and rider to establish a foundation of learning and growth based on mutual understanding, trust and clear communication skills that enable them to build and maintain a highly functional “Willing Partnership”.

In 1997, at the urging of his clients, he began conducting horsemanship clinics at his ranch. Since that time, he has conducted these clinics in many areas of the United States, as well as several foreign countries. For approximately the last 20 years he has and continues to work in Wellington Florida, home to the prestigious “A Circuit Finals for the World” where he works for a diverse private clientele, in a variety of riding disciplines, which includes several Olympic Athletes.

In 1999, his communication skills with the horse so impressed the University of Virginia, that it’s Leadership Development Center began offering professional leadership development programs based on his horsemanship model both for and through the university. He still offers programs for the university, and for a number of years has co-partnered with several carefully selected private co- facilitators to offer the same quality experience to other clients. During the past 18 years he has worked for numerous colleges, universities, local, state and federal government agencies, first responders  and private industry throughout the United States.

   " I come to you not as a teacher of the horse, but as a student of the horse”

Louis Wood