Mountainview Ranch

“The curious spectators, frontline managers who have come to the ranch for an unusual management training seminar, drink in Wood’s words.  They will leave for home sunburned and enlightened, believing what they’ve seen might help them become better bosses.  Maybe even better parents.”

 The Washington Post,
May 20, 2002

”I had no idea that I’d be so strongly drown into thought processes that question the very way I look at the world, much less my place and how I operate within it.  My expectation was to learn about how to change the behaviour of others.  What I learned was that I need to look at my own self and what I’m doing, because that’s where this relationship stuff starts.” . . . . Clinic Participant


“Simply stated, this was one of the most enlightening learning experiences I have ever witnessed.  Thank you for giving my managers the opportunity to spend a day with Louis Wood and his horses.”. . . . Vice President For Finance


“This is by far the most valuable professional development workshop I’ve ever taken.  It has had the greatest impact on my day to day interaction with people at work and even with family members.”. . . . Supervisor, Facilities Management


“This presentation challenges you to reconsider your assumptions about building productive relationships in the workplace.  In this way, this program is unlike any other I have attended.”. . . . Clinic Participant

Comments offered by Clinic Participants: