Programs & Services

Pre-Purchase EvaluationsClients sometimes ask Louis to do an evaluation on a horse that they are preparing to purchase. Louis' approach is to first evaluate the skills of the person, and then to evaluate the horse from the stand point of how well matched it's skill sets and abilities coincide with those of the rider, as well as any other aspects that he feels may be pertinent to the sale.  Note:  we apologize that Louis' schedule no longer permits for these evaluations outside of the continental United States. Services are priced on a situational flat rate determined before the purchase.  Louis does not accept commissions on horse sales.  He has never felt that a professional can be totally impartial if the amount they are paid is based on the horse being approved.

Lessons This is a format that is normally offered in a private one on one basis, and is priced by the hour.  Group lessons are sometimes offered in special situations, and these are priced per person per hour, at a slightly lower rate.

Lessons subjects can cover any aspect of horsemanship, and may be presented through round pen techniques, halter work, under saddle, or situationally in the field.  Emphasis is put on determining missing or incorrect foundational elements from horse or rider, and perfecting the communication skills between the two.

Lesson topics include but are not limited to:  round pen techniques, halter work, riding, collection, lateral flexion, transitions, leads, lead changes, bio mechanics between horse and rider, dressage, over fences, trail work, cattle work, and roping.

Private SessionsThis is a format used by clients who work regularly with Louis in an on going program, and wish to stay committed during off season intervals with his continuing support, or in some cases to be able to offer a venue for others to have accessibility to his horsemanship at their location. Priced per situation and travel costs.

Round Pen Demonstrations This format is usually offered as a 2 hour demonstration, and showcases Louis' principles of establishing and building a "Willing Partnership" with a horse.  Often used as a fundraiser for charities and organizations, or as an additional feature tied to a Partnership Clinic. Usually priced by an auditing fee, or offered as a flat rate per situation.

Partnership Clinics May be booked privately, or open with clinic hosts - Priced per horse and rider with a base price which varies upon location.  Some clinics are open to auditors for a small auditing fee. Minimum of 6 rider - maximum of 12.  Normal format is 2 days.  Should be scheduled at least 6 months in advance.

  • Horsemanship Format Normally begins with an assessment ride to determine the individual and group needs.  Includes fundamentals of halter work, riding skills and advanced horsemanship techniques.

  • Dressage Louis' newest format, started in 2012 .  Most popular for dressage riders, 3 day eventer's, and riders preparing for any over fences discipline and focuses on the aspects of classical dressage. Topic and techniques include an understanding of the bio mechanics of horse and rider, importance of relationship, riding in proper collection, lateral flexion, longitudinal flexion, rider position, and how to achieve and keep a balanced seat.  This clinic has offerings for riders from beginners to advanced. 

Colt Starting This is a program offered only at the ranch, between the months of May and October.  In order to insure a quality experience for each horse, Louis only accepts a limited number of horses for each year.  Most of the horses in this program  now come out of our Young Horse Program, however, we accept outside horses based upon our availability.  We will not accept unstarted colts for less than a 60 day riding period!  For performance horses we recommend a minimum of 90 days.  We find that many of our clients are choosing to complete the initial full riding program, and then leave them on a modified riding program with reduced rides per week for the remainder of our summer riding period. This opportunity reduces cost, and increases exposure to as many things as possible, as well as enabling the client to have more opportunities to refine their relationship with their colt.  This service is priced on a per month basis.  Modified programs are priced according to the customers choices.

This program is designed to provide a young horse with the proper foundational skills sets required to be successful in any discipline.  Our program includes round pen, halter work, under saddle development, grooming, cross ties, standing tied, loading and trailering, and as much outside exposure under saddle as time allows. Consultation time with the owner before starting is essential to insure that each colt is correctly started with the right approach for it's intended career.  For local clients, this program includes up to 2 hours of lesson time with their horse per week.  For out of state clients, we require that you commit to one overnight trip per riding month.  These opportunities are designed to ensure that the client has as much practical experience with their colt as possible, to try and ensure a successful start once they leave us.

Restarting We often assist clients with horses they are riding that have been previously started, and are missing some basic skills, or exhibiting unwanted behavior. We will accept these horses for a 30 day period, or in some minor cases on a weekly basis.  All restart candidates are first evaluated by Louis, and recommendations made for a successful approach.  We utilize the same basic approach as with our un-started colts, which is modified according to our finding during the evaluation. All restarting programs are priced on a flat rate monthly or weekly fee. 

Consulting  Consultation services are offered at our clients facilities on subjects as diverse as herd management practices, educating barn staff on safe handling techniques, the design of barns, turnouts, or fencing which facilitate a smooth, safe, energetic flow during the movement of their horses.  If you have an interest in these services, please contact us for availability.  These services are priced on a per situation basis.

Speaking EngagementsLouis has appeared at various conferences to discuss many aspects of the Horse.  Topics can be designed to meet your groups need.  

"In order to have a successful relationship between horse and human, it is imperative that the horse must have certain foundational skills, that the human must have certain foundational skills, and that there must be a clear means of communication between both parties." 

Louis Wood

​It is with the simple thought above that Louis approaches all aspects of his Horsemanship.


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