Mountainview Ranch

                                                         Pricing and Program Logistics Information:


Due to the large geographical area in which we work, program prices vary due to a number of variables. When we have a program request from a client, we get information on the location, the number of people involved, potential time frames , the program format and suggest or research potential equestrian facilities, and discuss suitability of our selected co-facilitators to try and ensure the most cost effective alternative for each of our clients. We utilize a base pricing system that we have established for our local programs, however, distance of travel, length of stay, and in some cases seasonal timing can all have an effect on the final pricing.  

If your organization is interested in participating in one of our programs, please contact Louis Wood by phone or email. In most cases, we’ll be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate of program costs, and will verify and confirm exact costs in a very short period of time.


Due to our long-standing offering of the program, we have worked in many areas of the country, and have an established relationship with a number of suitable equestrian facilities that we can refer our clients to. In the state of Virginia, we have access to numerous facilities located in most strategic areas of the state, and are happy to make suggestions to our clients for their own bookings, or in many cases we locate and solicit suitable facilities in new areas of opportunity.  
Due to the booking range we often encounter, we highly recommend a covered facility so that weather is not a variable, and the program can proceed on a selected date whatever the weather offers. For some organizations, such as first responders, military clients or state and local government agencies, local, state or private facilities may be available on a no or very low cost basis. As a general rule, covered facility costs can range between 450-850 per day.

We do not have a covered facility, however we sometimes have requests from organizations with smaller work groups or clients wishing to have staff retreats at our ranch, and are sometimes able to offer this option.

When we are presenting our day and one half day programs, we encourage clients to utilize a work area in their space to keep costs as reasonable as possible.


Contact Information:

For Pricing, scheduling, program information, facilities, or horse information please contact:

Louis Wood    Phone 540-471-1743 or email


For Billing information, purchase order numbers, invoices or payments please contact:

Sharon Wood   Phone 804-543-6667 or email