Mountainview Ranch

Mac Fulton - ​After retiring from an honored military career, Mac served as a deputy for the

Augusta County Sheriff's department, where he was active in the formation of their tactical

SWAT team, and later served as shift commander, as well as being a deputy in the field.  Mac 

oversees all of the security aspects of our operation and takes charge of the general operation

of the ranch in Louis' absence.

The Mountainview Ranch Support Team

Bill Dimock - Bill is a private contractor who for several years now has had the 

huge responsibility of grounds management on our operation, as well as a lot of 

general maintenance and repairs.  The wonderful compliments we receive on how

well the ranch looks on an ongoing basis is largely due to Bills' efforts.

Sharon Wood - Louis' wife Sharon assists in all aspects of the horse management and training,

with particular focus related to the herd socialization aspects of our operation.  Most of the

beautiful photographs you see posted are Sharon's work, as well as being responsible for

maintaining the facebook page and being our new webmaster.  Sharon also does all of our billing

and accounting.  If you have any billing or record keeping questions, this is the lady to talk to.

You can contact her direct at