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  • What’s the best organization you’ve ever experienced?

  • Why was your relationship in that organization so effective?

  • When and where did the success of that relationship begin?

These are questions that most organizations consider and strive for, but few address the core foundation of how successful relationships are established, built and maintained.

This powerful program focuses on the fundamental interpersonal skills and practices necessary to establish relationships based on honest conversation, mutual trust, dignity and respect. By observing this dynamic interaction between a horse and horseman, Louis Wood, participants gain tremendous insight into improving the quality of interpersonal relationships which are so critical for effective leadership. Each participant gains new perspectives on a variety of leadership topics in each program including focusing on and improving listening skills, facilitating change, how to initiate and continue honest, respectful conversations, as well as a leaders’ responsibility to self- reflect and consider their own skill sets such as setting of expectations, and clear communication skills with others.


  • Managers that have some or moderate experience and wish to gain a deeper understanding of tools and skills needed for success.
  • Experienced managers who have a desire to broaden their managerial skill sets, and gain a better understanding of the importance of relationships to effective leadership.
  • Managers who wish to create a successful, willing partnership within their organization.
  • Managers who desire to more effectively link their workgroups efforts and results to organizational success.
  • Organizational change agents (from any department or division) who can lead the organization to excellence through better understanding of clear communication and relationship building tools and skills.


One and One Half Day  Format:

This is the
signature program that we’ve offered since the very beginning, and is still by far the richest learning experience for the participants. Day one begins with the participants arriving at the equestrian facility where they will meet Louis and his co facilitator. After introductions, the co- facilitator will distribute handouts, and discuss their learning emphasis for the program.

Louis will introduce the horse and rider, and then begin to establish and build a relationship with both horse and owner, which will continue throughout the course of the day. During this period, Louis will continue to discuss with the group the philosophy and techniques he’ s applying, and throughout this process, the co- facilitator will focus in with the group, on strategic concepts and ideas, as well as focusing on questions arising from the group.

Day one usually begins at 9:00 and we strive to finish by 3:00 in order to give the participants a chance to connect with their organization before day’s end of business. Throughout the course of the day regular breaks are taken for participants to stretch, relax, check in and have time to informally talk about what their observing. Lunch is provided, during a one hour lunch break.

Day two: Having had the opportunity to relax and reflect on the previous day’s material with a cleared mind, the group meets in a classroom setting (normally at the organizations workplace or conference venue), which begins at 9:00 and lasts between 2-4 hrs., depending upon client preferences.

 Participants meet in a large group with Louis’ co-facilitator to process their learnings, question methodology, concepts and ideas from the previous day and begin to gain a clearer picture of how they might be applied to human relationships. At this point, they normally begin to work in smaller groups under the co-facilitators guidance to establish tools and skill sets for better organizational effectiveness, and ultimately they form a shell action plan which helps them to better implement their learnings into their organizations workplace once they return.

Louis normally returns near the end of this session to answer any questions, or to offer discussion as needed before the group departs.

One Day Format:

This format has become our
most popular program, and evolved directly from our One  and one half day offering. Due to organizational time constraints, many of our clients have asked for a more consolidated approach to the longer format. The basic content of the program during Louis’ segments remain essentially the same, however the co-facilitator will usually offer two segments  to focus on and discuss applied learnings at appropriate intervals during the period of Louis’ presentation, and complete the day with a workshop  of approximately 1 hour . During this final segment, emphasis is put on key learnings from their day and establishing tools and methods of application from those learnings which will have a practical and successful result in the workplace upon returning to their organization.

This format begins at 9:00 and ends at 4:00, and normally takes place entirely in the equestrian facility. Breaks are given throughout the day, and 45 minutes is normally allotted for lunch.

Half Day Format:

This is our
newest program that has been created at the request of many of our clients. Designed primarily as an informative and entertaining piece to be offered as a primer on building functional relationships and their importance to successful leadership, it is the perfect fit for staff retreats, informal organizational gatherings, or as a Segway to meaningful conversations on leadership and relationship importance for smaller organizations. This format can be offered in a variety of venues, any of which are safe and horse friendly (lawns, parks, outdoor expos and exhibits, and requires no special equipment or enclosures.) Program runs 2-3 hours dependent upon client preference, and is facilitated entirely by Louis utilizing a horse with which he has previously worked, provides and brings to the program. This program is rapidly becoming one of our most popular offerings.

Custom Designed Programs:

To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we are happy to offer a custom design application most suited to your particular organization. Whether you are desiring to integrate one of our program offerings into an existing leadership format, build a longer more far reaching follow up based on our program, or to accommodate a particularly large group of managers or employees, we will help to create suitable solutions that best meet your needs.


For Individuals:

  • To assess their team or workgroups strengths and weaknesses compared to organizational excellence.

  • To have better communication skills to assist their team or workgroup to more directly contribute to organizational success.

  • To educate/train other employees for a more successful outcome of organizational excellence.

  • To inspire organizational leaders to strive for the pursuit of excellence within their organization.

For Organizations:

  • To create an understanding of the importance of building successful functional relationships which are the common thread of organizational excellence.

  • To make a clear honest assessment of their team or workplaces direction, capabilities, readiness for change or abilities to contribute to organizational excellence.

  • To have an internal resource with the ability to train others for greater organizational excellence.

  • To create a catalyst with which to begin or accelerate the journey toward greater organizational excellence.


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